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Johnson Electrical Solutions is now providing Electrical Wiring Maintenance Plans in CENTRAL MISSISSIPPI . This service will help you avoid the unexpected costs of electrical repairs and keep your home or business safe. Coverage is reasonably priced at a flat monthly, or yearly rate, with no hidden charges, or deductibles and can be canceled at any time. After purchasing coverage, if you experience electrical problems, your service is repaired in a timely and professional manner at no cost to you. Included with coverage, you will also be entitled to 1 Free electrical inspection per year, at your request.

Electricity is the most used utility in your home or business, but it is also the least maintained. As electrical current moves through wiring, heat is created. There is natural resistance in all wiring and the heat that’s created from the flow of current causes electrical connections/terminations to loosen and breaks down electrical outlets and breakers. Over time these problems get worse, causing partial open circuits and low voltage conditions that lead to premature breakdown of appliances such as Refrigerators, Freezers, Washers, Dryers, Air Conditioners and Electronics such as Televisions, Computers and Gaming Systems. The Electrical Wiring Maintenance Plan prevents these problems from happening, protecting your most valuable asset and keeps your family/employees safe. At Johnson Electrical Solutions, your safety and satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Base Residential Rate
  • Homes up to 1800 square ft / $18.99 a Month
  • Larger homes, add $1 per 100 square ft over base rate.
  • Example, Coverage for a 2300 square ft home would be $23.99 a month.
  • If you pay by the year, you receive a 10% discount versus the monthly rate.
Base Business rate
  • Businesses up to 2000 square ft / $29.99 a month
  • Larger Businesses, add $1 per 100 square ft over base rate.
  • Example , Coverage for a 2500 square ft business would be $34.99 a month.
  • If you pay by the year, you receive a 10% discount versus the monthly rate.
How It Works

When you have electrical problems or concerns you give us a call. Depending on the situation we may ask you to visually verify that power is active to your power meter and reset your breakers or GFCI outlets. If the problem is a light fixture/plug in not working, you will be asked to connect more than one known working device/light bulb to verify that the problem is in fact a no power condition and not a problem with the device/bulb itself. Once a electrical problem/no power condition is determined, a repairman will be scheduled to come to your home or business to properly repair and restore the circuit to working order at no cost to you.

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